About Us

The Regional Public Defender for Capital Cases office is the largest collaborative effort between Counties and a state-funded program in the formative years in the United States.

An Oversight Advisory Board comprised of stakeholders in different regions of the State was appointed by the Lubbock County Commissioners’ Court to assist in the operations of the office .

Counties currently participating in the program can be found at this link. Counties

The office represents only indigent defendants charged with a capital case where the death penalty is sought at the trial level. With the Administrative office and a trial office in Lubbock, there are satellite offices in Amarillo, Angleton, Burnet, Kingsville, Midland and Uvalde. All offices are staffed with a combination of all positions, each of which is able to fulfill the constitutional requirements of a core team.

Collaborative efforts between counties and state ensures that competent and effective counsel are appointed to represent defendants while also providing counties with budget predictability and stability.

For further information please contact our administrative offices.